Fold a Mini Zine

This is how you fold a mini zine. It’s a good way to start zining since it’s small project and is easy to reproduce.

You’ll need a sheet of paper. A pair of scissors will also be useful, but it is not necessary.
 IMG_20180224_173749.jpg First, we’ll fold it longwise (like a hotdog).
 IMG_20180224_173805.jpg Then we’ll unfold.
 zinehamburger.jpg Next, we’ll fold short wise (like a hamburger).


Now, we’ll make two additional short wise folds.
 IMG_20180224_173910.jpg Here, we’ll partially undo the folds so there is a sort of fin.
 IMG_20180224_173916.jpgIMG_20180224_173946.jpg Cut down the middle, along the crease. Scissors help, they aren’t necessary however.
 IMG_20180224_173959.jpg Now, all you need to do is fold down and into a book.
 IMG_20180224_174009.jpg Congrats. You have made a mini-zine and can proceed to fill its pages any way you see fit.
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